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Home again, home again
July 14, 2008, 5:12 pm
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I’ve been out of town this past week. Matt and I went to visit his family in rural central Florida. It’s always good to see the family, and it’s certainly always relaxing to be on vacation, but it’s nice to be home too. Coming home and getting back into my daily routine, if you can call it that… just being in the familiar settings I’ve set up for myself in this apartment is comforting.

This trip took us to three different people’s homes for short or long visits, and each one really drove home how different my day-to-day life is from “normal” people’s, simply because I have implemented some green changes in my life that those “normal” folks haven’t. Here are some of the big ones:

Cars. I don’t own a car anymore. I use public transit. But that isn’t an option out in the country where we were staying. A bike doesn’t seem that practical either when you have to ride 20 miles to get to town.

Paper plates. I was taken aback a little bit by the number of times I was given a paper plate to use at a meal or for a snack.

Prepackaged food. I always forget that The Average American buys waaaaaay more prepacked/ready-to-eat/convenience food than I do. I don’t even really like buying canned cooked beans; I’d rather buy dried beans in bulk and cook them myself.

Toilet habits. It’s good to be home with my toilet cloth where my yellow can mellow. This is one that I’ve only changed within the last year or so, but it’s certainly become a hard and fast habit!

Soap. I’ve been making my own body soap and laundry soap for years now. Using body wash is so foreign to me now. It’s so unnecessarily bubbly, has so many strange chemical ingredients, and never seems to fully wash off. In terms of laundry soap, mine has no added fragrance, so “fresh” or “clean” smelling commercial laundry detergents smell terribly perfume-y to me. I hate to think of all the pollutants they add to the water.


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