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June 30, 2008, 8:50 pm
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The freecycling/thrifting/curb-shopping gods have been looking favorably in my direction lately. Tomorrow is moving day, and I hope my streak continues! Here are some of my recent fiber-focused scores:

Thrifted yarn: I went to a thrift store I’d never visited before a couple weeks ago. It was a Salvation Army. Nothing special. In fact, it was a pretty lousy thrift experience overall. However, I did manage to score two balls of wool for $1.68. I’ve already knit one of them into a wool soaker for le bebe.

Freecycled flannel: The thrift store also yielded a nice big beach towel that I bought to cut up and make into flannel/terry baby wipes, but for that I needed flannel, which the thrift store was lacking. I was very close to purchasing a brand new flannel blanket at Zeller’s. It was in my hand. I was headed to the cashier. Then I thought, you know, I should really try Freecycle first. Friends, those freecyclers came through for me! One person gave me a queen set of never used (though somewhat musty smelling) flannel sheets, complete with two pillowcases. A quick run through the wash, and it was good as new. And that’s a lot of flannel!

Rescued from the curb bedding: Matt’s employer is to thank for this one. She found a stash of baby bedding on the curb and picked it up for us. We got four flannel receiving blankets (yay! more flannel!), a cute fitted sheet with whales on it, a soft warm blanket, and a top quilt bedspread thingy featuring two rabbits and a duck. All from the trash. Crazy people throwing out perfectly good stuff!

Have you found any treasures for cheap or free lately?


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Well, it wasn’t that recently, but a while ago I was at the Plaza and noticed this pretty print cloth just lying on the ground. I still don’t know what it is. I took it into the Starbucks that was nearby and said, “I think someone dropped this. they may come back for it.” But the guy said, “No, I saw that in the trashcan earlier.” So I kept it! It’s really pretty; it looks like it’s from India maybe; orange and white pattern with bead work at the bottom (most of the beads are gone though). I’ve been plotting a cute tank top to make out of it and I still may if there’s enough left over. The current plan is to cover our huge blue pillow with it. (Blue has been banished from the living room). Hooray for free stuff though.

Comment by Mindy

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