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To CSA or not to CSA
May 26, 2008, 12:33 pm
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It’s a debate I’ve been having with myself for a couple of weeks now. Last year I participated in a CSA through the co-op at Matt’s school. I was unhappy with it for reasons including poor management (not sure if that was more the fault of the co-op or the farmer), little variety in crops (way too many cucumbers and greens!), and an inability to the communicate with the farmer who is Francophone. I decided not to participate in a CSA this year but just go to the market each week instead.

Then I saw the flyers for the CSA at the co-op this year. They are working with a new farmer this year. Actually, it’s a farming collective called Jardins de la Resistance, which is enough to get ya interested right there. I got the English version of the the flyer, and it was obviously written by someone who is fluent in English, which is always a plus for me. The flyer also mentioned that they’ll be having work weekends at the farm once a month during the summer — something that wasn’t offered last year.

So now I have to decide. Do I let myself be lured into the promise of an improved CSA? Or do I stick to my guns and play the market instead, so to speak? I think this calls for a list!


  • Organically grown (though not certified) and local guaranteed
  • More conveniently located
  • Possible cost savings
  • A chance to go to the farm and dig in the dirt
  • A good way to try veggies I wouldn’t normally buy
  • I like supporting CSAs


  • No guarantee of quality, quantity, or variety of produce
  • Not sure I’ll be up to dealing with a CSA basket in Sept/Oct

Farmers Market

  • Fun market atmosphere
  • Already have a “pact” with a market-going buddy
  • Allows me to get exactly what I want
  • Possibly a wider variety of produce available
  • Other food available (milk, eggs, etc)
  • Allows for better menu planning
  • More flexible


  • More difficult to find organic/local produce
  • Takes more time

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