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Market Report: 20 May 2008
May 21, 2008, 8:54 am
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After a few weeks’ hiatus, Mary and I resumed our weekly trip to the Jean Talon market yesterday. It was chilly but not as chilly as a few weeks ago. And there were stalls open! Oh yes, not just the indoor portion! I was dismayed to see SO many stalls selling what was obviously non-local produce. Most of them had their produce marked with its origin so that you could see that the peaches were from the US and the avocados were from Mexico, but the part that made me extra sad was that many of them had signs above their stalls with the name of their “farm” and the little countryside Quebec town where it’s located. This would be manageable if there were only a few of these vendors, but the market is so big that it’s hard to keep it all straight. Hell, I get turned around wandering down the aisles every time! I’m going to give these vendors the benefit of the doubt: perhaps some of them really are farmers but they don’t have any crops to vend yet so they rely on imports. Perhaps.

Another disappointment was that the egg man was there, but he didn’t have any organic eggs. I wonder if that is a temporary thing or not. The milk/dairy stall was closed too.

So what local goods were there? Quebec asparagus seemed to be the only local spring crop available. I paid way too much for a bunch from Birri, who also had some small greens and herbs. It made for a tasty dinner. There was one guy from whom we bought apples (local? hopefully. leftovers from last year? probably.) who had some rhubarb. I think next week I will definitely snag some rhubarb for muffins or coffee cake or something else equally delicious.

Soupnancy, whom I’ve just discovered, says that fiddlehead season is now at a peak, but I didn’t see any at the market. And I was looking. She also says that Francois de bois, a local forager, will have a booth at the market this year, but he’s only there Thursday to Sunday, so I didn’t see him either. I might have to make a special trip to buy some mushrooms for a special dinner!


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