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Snowed in
December 16, 2007, 7:56 pm
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night snowWhere have I been? Snowed in! OK, so that’s not completely true, but there has been a tremendous amount of snow these last couple of weeks. I’d heard that this was supposed to be a colder, snowier than normal winter, but I wasn’t expecting two major snowfalls in just as many weeks!

The first one dumped over a foot (over 30 cm) of snow the first day and didn’t stop snowing for another day and a half. This current snowstorm started while I was sleeping last night and still hasn’t stopped. The craziest thing about this one is that we had a little bit of thundersnow! Have you ever seen lightning and heard thunder during a snowstorm? It’s trippy! My husband has been studying his brains out for a final that covers lots of information about weather, so he was happy to explain in great detail about thundersnow and snowstorms in general.

Got any crazy weather where you are?


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Ours has been all talk, no action. It’s funny you mention thundersnows because I had never even heard of or imagined such a phenomenon until they started predicting one last week (again, all talk).
Are you having a fun snow day(s)? or is it getting old?
When they predict terrible weather for us, I go into survival mode and start filling up pitchers of water in case it stops coming out of faucets. Josh thinks I’m insane, but that really happened to us in rural Indiana in 1991 and I’ve never been able to shake the urge since!

Comment by Mindy

[…] cost in dollars is astounding. Montreal has a $128-million budget for snow removal this winter. The record snow fall in December took a very sizable chunk out of that […]

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