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Saving the world makes financial sense!
November 16, 2007, 4:01 pm
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Sometimes putting “green” actions in the context of saving money really gets my goat. I realize that a politically-charged topic such as environmentalism often needs a date with a spin doctor to make it palatable to the average North American Joe, especially since “going green” often means making substantial changes to your everyday life. But sometimes I just want things told the way they really are without having to look at it from pleasing angles.

Yesterday’s edition of The Daily Green (an e-newsletter that calls itself “the consumer’s guide to the green revolution”) there was a small advice tidbit that read as follows: “Walk Up Instead of Drive Thru: Every time you use a drive-through, you burn about 18 cents worth of gas idling your car.” My proverbial goat was gotten. There are a lot of environmentally-focused reasons why walking up to a fast food joint is better for the environment than driving through. Why appeal to my wallet first and foremost? Upon reading the rest of the article, I found that The Daily Green folks are capable of making an environmentally-focused case for avoiding drive-throughs. Why couldn’t they have included any of those arguments in the teaser in their e-newsletter?

Unfortunately, I already know the answer to that question, and it has to do with our consumer culture, as well as the copywriters being told to emphasize the positive (saving money) rather than the negative (fuel waste and smog). I’d just like a dose of reality once and a while.


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