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November 7, 2007, 12:07 am
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We all have pet peeves, but being the eco-geek that I am, some of my biggest pet peeves have to do with people being environmentally irresponsible. Leaving the water running while brushing one’s teeth comes to mind. Littering always gets me worked up, especially if the offending piece of garbage is a still burning cigarette. Ugh! There’s a way to pollute both land and air at once!

Another one that I find just mind-boggling is driving really short distances when you could just walk. And I mean *really* short distances. For example, one time I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping with some people I didn’t know all that well. We were at one of those very large strip mall places that is made up of a few big box stores in a row — Best Buy, Old Navy, Bed Bath & Beyond… those sorts of places. We had just left one store, empty-handed and piled back in the SUV (not mine!). The driver turned the car on and as it idled, climate control on full blast and stereo pumping, he and the other passengers decided we should hit up another big box store. So we backed out, drove about 200 feet… and pulled into another parking spot. We were just going into the next store over! What?! Why drive??? I couldn’t believe it! I still can’t believe it. Some people, I tell ya… Whew!

So what gets you all worked up?


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Did you ever see ‘LA Story,’ where the guy would drive to the house next door?

My peeve is coming up — Christmas gifts. I have two kids, and despite gentle attempts to steer relatives toward eco-friendly toys or things like books and museum passes, we get inundated with over-packaged plastic toys. I kept track one year and only one or two of the plastic toys they got was still around the following December. Bleah.

Comment by kcb

I haven’t seen that movie, thank goodness. I would probably end up yelling at the TV and scaring the neighbors.

Comment by Danica

Trueman, the old camp director, would drive to work at camp. His house was just beyond the ropes course, and he would drive to work.

I saw a guy litter today. That made me mad.

Comment by Gina

We’ve had neighbors who drove their kids to school and the school is only one (ONE!) block away.

I’m currently on a styrofoam kick (in the peeve department). My husband enjoys playing penny slot machines at a casino we visit twice/month and it seems like EVERYTHING is styrofoam there. I bring my own cup (clipped to belt loops on my pants) so I don’t need to take a styrofoam cup if I need a little water.

Last time we went, I saw the garbage dumpster roll through. It was FULL of styrofoam. My head almost exploded.

Comment by Oldnovice

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