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Green is the new black
October 22, 2007, 8:38 pm
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I don’t like to admit this, but I watch America’s Next Top Model. And I really like it. So I was enthused when, in the first episode, they announced that this season they’ve decided to go green. The bus that carts the top model hopefuls around runs on biodiesel! Unfortunately, the environmental consciousness seems to end there. Unless you count the green decor in the huge mansion the girls live in. And the half-assed signs around the house reminding the girls to change their habits for the greener.

All the while, the girls drink from disposable bottles of water. They live in a gigantic house with who knows how many light bulbs on all the time. They are shown sitting on their balcony with very little clothes on, so I’m betting the house — the whole huge mansion — is constantly air conditioned. Not to mention the fact that this is a show about fashion, which encourages rampant consumerism and discourages reuse.

I think I was most upset when in that same first episode, the girls are told that ANTM is taking a stand against smoking and that they are not allowed to smoke while they are participating in the show. The girls are forced into a possibly physically taxing situation for the betterment of themselves and the health of young people who look up to them. Great, way to take a stand! But why couldn’t they have taken a stand for the environment to the same extent? Why not use the show as a way to demonstrate that “sacrificing” things like disposable water bottles and “living rough” by turning the air conditioner warmer are things that anyone — even these flakey girls — can handle?

Unfortunately, green is the new black. It’s cool to be environmentally conscious — just as long as you don’t have to actually change anything in a real way.


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I watch ANTM too. I’m sorry.

I agree with you about the green thing. It’s dumb that people think that just talking about being green is going to make a difference. And what’s so green about a great big house with wasted space and a swimming pool? D-U-M, dumb.

I think my classes are making me more cynical.

Comment by Gina

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