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I’m a skinny, selfish wuss
October 12, 2007, 4:39 pm
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One week ago today, Matt and I walked downtown and enjoyed a couple beers out on the balcony of my favorite brewery. My only complaints were that it was a little bit too warm out for the long-sleeved shirt I was wearing and that wasps kept flying too close to me. (I am afraid of [and slightly allergic to] insects that sting people.)

Today Matt and I took the metro to a thrift store and upon our return home were both cold, sniffly, and in the mood for warm drinks. What a change in weather in the past week! The cold weather is here to stay, I’m afraid, and will only be getting worse from here on out.

Happily for me, the heat in my apartment building was turned on today. I’m very pleased about this, because I was tired of wearing long johns under and blankets over my clothes to stay warm in my apartment. You must understand that I am a huge wuss when it comes to being cold. I doubt that the daytime temperature in my apartment ever dipped below 65 F (18 C), but to look at me, you would have thought there was a blizzard and the power was out.

What is good for me is probably not so good for the environment, though. My building is old with old radiators. I am guessing that the hot water running through the radiators is heated with an old gas water heater. This is unfortunate not only because it’s most likely inefficient and a natural gas hog, but also because the electricity in our city is hydro-electric. I realize that damming up rivers to create electricity also wreaks all kinds of ecologic damage, but at least hydro is renewable. Natural gas is not.

So for now, I will toss off my blanket with glee and snuggle near the radiator with a smile, all the while trying not to dwell on inefficiencies of the building’s heating system and the natural gas being burned. And when it is upwards of 75 F (24 C) in the apartment and there are inches of snow on the ground, I will curse the building managers and the fact that I have no thermostat. I will exclaim that I’d rather huddle with a blanket than burn all this fuel to keep me ridiculously warm and toasty. (But secretly I will be happy to be so warm because I’m a skinny, selfish wuss.)


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