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October 4, 2007, 9:15 am
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Yesterday I bought some Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap. I have never used it before. It seems that people who like it really really like it, so it is possible that I may turn into one of *those* people in the next week or so. We’ll see. The reasons I want to try it is that it is organic, and it’s non-toxic and completely biodegradable. As a hobbyist soap maker, I know that ingredients in it are exactly what they should be — good solid soap ingredients — with no weird chemicals added in. Wow, I already sound like one of *those* people! I also like that it is multi-functional. I plan on trying it as a hand/body soap (I usually use homemade soap, but I have run out!), a shampoo, a dish soap, and a surface cleaner. Maybe also as a laundry soap since I am not so certain that the soap I have been using to make my laundry powder (yep, I make that myself too) is so environmentally friendly. Anyone have any Dr. Bronner’s tips for me?


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for hand soap, we dilute it maybe 60% soap 40% hot water.(it seems to dilute better with hot at the start, and you don’t have to shake it up) we have found if you re-purpose a soap bottle with pump, if you use the Good Dr. neat, it gets really clogged up and then squirts in all directions and ends up on your shirt which sucks.

•i have also mopped my floors with it. i give a “big squirt” to about 2 gallons of very hot water. it works wonders and smells awesome. it kills cat smells quickly too.

• a word of caution: if you use the eucalyptus one in the shower, (we use it neat in the shower cause a little bit goes a super long way) be mindful of your bits. it can hurt a bit. (i learned that from experience) try that one diluted.

• i have washed my hair with it on camping trips, but i warn you that my hair turned straw-like so i would supplement with some jojoba oil. we also always wash our dishes when camping with dr. bronners. it leaves a thin film on the cooking equipment, but we know we aren’t hurting the ground so much when we dump out the water, or pull water from a source.

it is confirmed it kills foot smell 🙂

have fun with the good dr! oh! i washed our outside living room window with it and it totally cut through the montreal grime!

it is quite entertaining to read the bottle while getting warm in the shower in the winter, and speaking of, i have scrubbed my tub with it and it got off soap scum.

that is all.

Comment by mary j

Wow, thanks for all the advice! I bought the tea tree one, so I imagine it might sting the bits somewhat as well. I’ll be careful. 😉

I poured some into my mostly empty dish soap container and then poured in roughly the same amount of water. It was cold water so it went cloudy. I haven’t washed dishes with it yet. We’ll see…

The container of Dr. B still looks really really full, so I’d better like this stuff, cuz I’ve got a lot of it!

Comment by Danica

A fellow gardener said that diluted, you can use it as an insecticidal soap for aphids and other pests on your organic vegetables (if you grow any, that is).

Comment by mrsduenes06

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