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While we’re talking about cucumbers…
October 2, 2007, 11:21 am
Filed under: in the kitchen

Here’s a shot of the one pint of refrigerator pickles I made this summer. They were easy, tasty (just a little sweet with a kick), and done pickling in 10 days, and in terms of pickles, that’s pretty much instant gratification. I just finished eating them last night and stuck a hard boiled egg in the remaining brine. Mmmm, pickled eggs, anyone?

Besides the refrigerator pickles and the three and a half pints of pickle relish that I mentioned yesterday, I also made four quarts of regular ol’ dill pickles. The first batch of them finished “maturing” yesterday, so I sampled one. Yumyum! This recipe is a keeper for sure. Unfortunately one of the jars that I thought had sealed didn’t seal completely. The lid is bulging, and the pickles seem to be fermenting!* As much as I’d like to try a fermented pickle, my desire to avoid botulism is even greater, so the pickles will have to be tossed. Oh well.

So there you have it: three and a half pints of pickle relish, one pint of sweet and spicy refrigerator pickles, and four quarts of dill pickles. For someone who doesn’t eat a whole lot of pickles, this seems like an awful lot to tackle, but I trust that I can down them and possibly even find some helpers in that regard. I’m crossing my fingers that we don’t get any more cucumbers in the CSA basket tomorrow!

*UPDATE: As soon as I unscrewed the ring, all the gas that the fermenting pickles put off tried to escape, just like opening up a bottle of pop after it’s been shaken. As I write this, there are still bubbles coming up. Carbonated pickles! My (mostly uninformed) guess is that since the lid didn’t seal completely, some yeasts got in and started chowin’ down on whatever sugars were available, turning them into gas. The pickles definitely smell fermented, but they are just as definitely getting thrown out.


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