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Confession: oil binge
September 26, 2007, 4:56 pm
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This past weekend I went on vacation. It turns out that being away from home means that you make a much bigger footprint on the environment than usual! I left on Thursday, which was the day that Montreal celebrated World Car-free Day. A lot of major streets downtown were closed between (but unfortunately not including) rush hours. I did my part by getting on a polluting shuttle bus to the airport and then flying about 1600 miles. The next day I hopped in a car and drove 300 miles to a wedding. After the celebration, the whole trip had to by made in reverse. I estimate that the entire 5-day trip used up about 43 gallons of oil. Yikes! As someone who rarely uses a normal passenger car at all, those numbers hurt!

The flipside of all this is what those 43 gallons of oil allowed me to do. I got to visit some dear friends whom I hadn’t seen in over five years. That 300 mile drive took me through some absolutely gorgeous Colorado scenery that awed me at every turn. And as any good vacation should be, this one was refreshing and rejuvinating. (I’m thinking the mountain air and natural hot springs helped.) I’m certainly not proud of my oil binge, but I tried my best to use each drop wisely, and I think I did a good job. Especially if I wait another five years before I do it all over again!


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