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Electric Goal Met!
September 14, 2007, 9:15 am
Filed under: the green apartment

I just got the electric bill, and hooray! We did it! We averaged 85 kwH per month, which is 90% less than the average American uses per month. I think this is a pretty big jump considering that last time we got a bill (two months ago) we averaged 125 kwH per month. We didn’t even make terribly big changes either. We did things that I think anyone could do:

Switched ALL the lights from regular incandescents to compact fluroescents. This was expensive for sure. We did qualify for (will soon receive, hopefully) a rebate from Hydro Québec. I think this change made a big difference.

Unplugged appliances that don’t get regular use. This one is mostly aimed at devices that have a “wall wort” — that big power adapter thing attached to the plug. I’ve read that they continue to pull a bit of energy even when the device is not turned on. This one also applies to devices that are not really off when they are off; things that have clocks or lights that stay on as long as their plugged in. Our coffee maker is one of these.

Unplug everything at night. OK, so I don’t unplug the fridge when I go to bed. But I do unplug the TV and cable box as well as the cable modem and wireless router. I was already used to turning off my computer at night, but now it gets unplugged too.

Of course there are little things we already did that will help bring down your electric bill: turn off lights when you aren’t using them. Turn off the TV, radio, computer, etc when you leave the house. Don’t leave your cell phone recharger plugged in for longer than it takes to recharge the phone. There are more tips here.


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