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Two ways green
August 3, 2007, 3:44 pm
Filed under: on the town, the green apartment, your green lifestyle

In Montréal, July 1 is the crazy day when most leases are up and everyone moves. It’s also the time to head to the streets and look for treasure! When people move, they don’t necessarily want to move everything, so a lot of pre-loved furniture and other goodies end up on the street. I took a few walks in the first few days of July and didn’t find much worth nabbing. (Although, there was an 8.5 x 11.5-foot brown and white shag area rug that Matt and I dragged up to our apartment only to find it to be too dirty and worn out to keep. Back to the curb it went.)

Then last weekend, some girls down the hall moved out. I guess their lease was up August 1. I watched them load up the U-Haul all day. It pulled away. I went downstairs to check the curb. Those silly girls! They left behind a perfectly good drying rack! When I say perfectly good, I mean that it was slightly bent with a few bars missing and others being held on only by duct tape, but these things can be forgiven when it’s sitting right there on the curb, waiting for you to take it home and make it new again. I love curbside freebies!

Today I got to use my new drying rack for the first time. Matt is fixing the broken parts, so I only got to use part of it, but that’s OK; the load of laundry was mostly sheets, and those go on the clothesline anyway. I get to pat myself on the back for being green two ways today: I used a very functional drying rack that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, and I didn’t use the dryer. Electricity saved, gasoline saved, raw materials saved, money saved. I’m a happy camper!


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