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Strawberry Jam Party!
July 12, 2007, 4:24 pm
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Around here, the farmers market has been overrun with strawberries the last few weeks. This past weekend, a few friends and I decided to take advantage of the situation and stock up our pantries with some homemade strawberry jam. We spent all day stemming strawberries, measuring sugar, stirring boiling pots of sweetness, and labeling jars. It was a lot of fun, and at the end of the day, while we were tired, we had a lot to show for our work. We’d made almost 60 8-oz (250 mL) jars of jam!

I took a few pictures during our strawberry jam party to show you how easy it is to stock up the season’s finest produce for a taste of summer during the cold months. So here’s a bit of a tutorial on how to make strawberry jam.

First of all, you’ll need some strawberries! We bought these two flats for $30. You don’t need to buy this many berries unless you’re really in love with jam!

Strawberry Jam 1

You will also need sugar and any other fruits you want to mix in the jam, rhubarb for example. You may choose to buy pectin as well. Pectin is what makes jam gel and is found naturally in fruit. Some fruits, like apples, have a lot of pectin, but strawberries don’t have a lot. We chose to make all our batches but one with pectin. That one batch took a lot more time on the stove before it was ready for canning.

Choose a recipe and prepare your ingredients. Measure out your sugar, pectin if you’re using it, and of course your strawberries. Rinse off the berries and cut off the tops. You can toss the strawberry tops on your compost pile.

Strawberry Jam 2

Let’s get cookin’! Toss the strawberries in a pot and turn on the heat.

Strawberry Jam 3

Once the berries are boiling, you’ll probably add the sugar. Follow the directions in the recipe you choose.

Strawbery Jam Tutorial photo 4

The concoction is ready for canning once you’ve boiled it for a pre-determined time if you’re using pectin, or if it passes the spoon or freezer test if you are not using pectin. Ladle the hot jam into clean and sanitized jars.

Strawberry Jam 4

Put on the pre-boiled lids and rings and stick them in a hot water bath for about 15 minutes.

Strawberry Jam 5

And there you have it! Homemade strawberry jam. Yumyum!


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Strawberry Jam Party…

nice tutorial on how to make homemade jam…

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i agree with Panayiotis! Nice!

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